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What is an Oxygen Sensor?

Your car's oxygen sensor measures the amount of oxygen in your engine. This sensor is very important to keep in check as in order for your car's internal combustion to work, your engine must burn gasoline and your oxygen sensor keeps the amount of oxygen burning in check.

When an oxygen sensor does not receive much air, it will fail to do its mechanical job and your car may suffer from issues ranging from instant jerking in your vehicle to hesitation in acceleration and other severe issues that may be potentially life-threatening. Below are some signs to look for that your oxygen sensor might be at risk of being damaged, and that it would be strongly advised to come into a mechanic or auto repair shop to have your car looked at.

Failure to pass an emissions test

If your car fails to pass the emissions test when put to the place, that is a sign that your oxygen sensor is not working as intended. Since you cannot see the level of air pollutants that are emitted from your motor vehicle's exhaust engine, your car must be carefully analyzed to fix the issue.

The decrease in fuel mileage

If your car is suffering from issues that are connected to a decrease in fuel mileage, that is a strong sign that your car's oxygen sensor has issues. A bad oxygen sensor may reduce your fuel mileage by up to 20%.

Engine light going on

If you are in your car and see an engine light turn on, that is an indicator that there is an issue in your engine and that the issue may be coming from the oxygen sensor.

Poor performance:

If your car has issues in its performance in accelerating and moving the car, there is a chance that your oxygen sensor is to blame.

Idling and stalling

If your car is having issues when idling and stalling in a single place, that may be an indicator that your oxygen sensor is malfunctioned and needs to be checked.

Code checker

If a code checker shows that your oxygen sensor is failed, then that means that it is time for your oxygen sensor to be looked at and fixed.

If you notice any of the above issues in your car and feel as if your oxygen sensor is damaged, please feel free to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop.