6 Mercedes Sprinter Van Problems We Can Repair

Mercedes Benz sprinter van parkedMercedes-Benz vehicles are among the safest and most reliable The Mercedes Sprinter Van is the total package, boasting superior efficiency, power, reliability, and flexibility. This light commercial van offers you the allure and appeal of a Mercedes Benz with greater utility. However, every vehicle, including the Mercedes Sprinter Van, has its own set of problems. 

At EurAuto Shop in Plano TX, we are the premier Mercedes-Benz dealership alternative! Customers from throughout the Plano TX area consistently skip the dealership to save time and money at EurAuto Shop. As European auto repair experts, we’ve just about seen it all with the Mercedes Sprinter Van. Here are a few of the most common issues that require Mercedes Sprinter Van repair. 

Read on to learn more, and don’t hesitate to reach out to EurAuto shop in Plano TX for Mercedes Sprinter Van repair. 

Glow Plug Failure in Plano TX

The Mercedes Sprinter Van utilizes glow plugs instead of spark plugs to help your engine fire up. The glow plug on the Mercedes Sprinter Van is an electrical heating tool that helps your van reach the right temperature for ignition. However, these integral components don’t last forever. Eventually, the glow plugs will fail. And if your glow plugs have failed, it’s imperative to have the necessary Mercedes Sprint Van repair in Plano TX. 

Damaged or Broken Flex Pipe in Plano TX

The flex pipe on the Mercedes Sprint Van is known to malfunction, break, and cause problems with the engine. In many instances, the pipe will develop a hot exhaust leak and melt the flex pipe wiring. The scorching exhaust can also melt the DEF nozzles and DEF lines. This can result in a total engine shutdown until you have flex pipe replacement. 

A Rumbling Sound or Bad Torque Converter (TC) in Plano TX

If your Mercedes Sprinter Van feels like you are driving over a rumble strip on the side of the highway, you are experiencing the “Rumble Strip” noise. This problem can often be attributed to incorrect or low transmission fluid that makes your vehicle drive much rougher. The most common cause of the Rumble Strip noise is a faulty or worn-out torque converter clutch. The repair for this problem is to rebuild the torque converter clutch. 

The Diesel Particulate Filter Is Clogged in Plano TX

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a key component of your diesel engine. It works to filter out exhaust particles to prevent the black smoke from being expelled through your Mercedes Sprinter Van’s tailpipe. However, over time, debris and particulate can cause the Diesel Particulate Filter to be clogged, which can severely disrupt the flow of exhaust. If your exhaust isn’t exiting the engine, you will experience significant performance issues. Ignoring the problem can lead to a complete total shutdown. 

Limp Mode Is Activated in Plano TX

Every Mercedes Sprinter Van comes equipped with a Limp Mode safety feature, which protects the engine from sustaining damage. The Limp Mode may be activated when you push your engine to the limit. Whenever you see the Check Engine Light flashing on the dashboard, it’s an indicator of Limp Mode. 

During Limp Mode, the van will try to reduce engine power to protect it from more extensive damage. If your Mercedes Sprinter Van’s Limp Mode is activated, it’s imperative to have comprehensive vehicle diagnostics performed in Plano TX. 

DEF Heater Failure in Plano TX 

The primary role of the DEF heater is to prevent your Diesel Emission Fluid from freezing. The DEF heater works with the DEF/AdBlue tank, which can freeze up if it doesn’t have the right amount of heat from the DEF heater. And if you’re having DEF heater problems, it can trigger your Check Engine Light. 

The problem may not be as noticeable during the warm and hot season because the liquid will not freeze. But when temperatures drop, the fluid will likely freeze in the winter months. This known problem can impact all Bluetec Mercedes Sprinter Vans, especially those made in and after 2010. Once it triggers the Check Engine Light, it could cause your engine to begin the dreaded Start Countdown. 

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It’s imperative to have regularly scheduled maintenance for your Mercedes Sprinter Van. Preventative maintenance detects minor issues before they snowball into more expensive repairs. Fortunately, EurAuto Shop in Plano TX can help. As the premier Mercedes-Benz auto repair shop in Plano TX, we have the tools and expertise to perform every maintenance service and auto repair your vehicle will ever need. 

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