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Factory Recommended European and Exotic Car Maintenance in Plano, TX

Owning a European or Exotic car comes with a bit more responsibility than the typical Asian or domestic brands. These cars require adhering to a strict maintenance schedule, using the proper fluids and filters, and following exact standards for all maintenance procedures.

You’ll notice that many European cars are going up to 15,000 miles between oil changes. They can do this because they’re using super high-end fluids like those from Liqui Moly or Mobil1. In addition to the fluids, these cars are now using long-lasting oil filters made from fleece instead of paper.

At EurAuto, we always use the proper fluids and parts to make sure we are keeping your baby in the best condition possible while still allowing you to enjoy these longer service intervals. The maintenance services we perform exceed factory recommendations and maintain your vehicle’s warranty.

EurAuto Shop in Plano, Tx. has 6 vehicles in the bay of shop, some raised, all with hoods up for vehicle maintenance services

BMW “Ultimate” Service, Mercedes “A” and “B” Service, VW/Audi “10k” Service, Porsche “PSMP” - And More

Most European cars today have services with names to make them seem special, but they’re nearly all the same. 

Make no mistake, we perform factory recommended maintenance exactly as prescribed by the manufacturer, but you’ll find for the most part the maintenance services are going to look like an alternating schedule that goes something like this.

Service 1

  • Oil and filter change
  • Tire rotation
  • Lube latches and hinges
  • Complete vehicle inspection

Service 2

  • Oil and filter change
  • Tire rotation
  • Replace engine air filter
  • Replace fuel filter (diesel engines only)
  • Replace cabin air filter/s
  • Replace wiper blade/s
  • Lube latches and hinges
  • Complete vehicle inspection

Every 60,000 Miles

  • Replace gasoline fuel filter
  • Replace differential fluid

Every 100,000 Miles

  • Replace spark plugs
EurAuto Shop in Plano Tx, has a white BMW sedan with hood open to perform vehicle maintenance services to it

Of course, there are differences from vehicle to vehicle. We will follow the requirements set forth in the vehicle’s owner’s manual and may make additional recommendations based on our knowledge of the vehicle and its weaknesses.

Scheduling your car for maintenance at our Plano, TX auto repair shop couldn’t be easier. Simply give us a call at 214-552-4194 or use our online scheduling form to make an appointment. Our team is excited to meet you and we look forward to welcoming you to the family!

BG Maintenance Services

EurAuto is a proud user of BG Products. BG is a manufacturer of premium maintenance products and additives that are scientifically proven to extend the life of your vehicle. They have easily become the industry standard. The best shops in the world use BG Products.

Schedule Your Car for Factory Recommended Maintenance at EurAuto

Many of our clients are driving high-performance cars with turbochargers, superchargers, and aftermarket modifications. Their cars see much harder driving conditions than the typical daily driver. BG Products are made to extend the life of engines, turbochargers, transmissions, power steering systems, and braking systems – all systems that take abuse in high performance cars.

Talk to us today about BG Products that will extend the life of YOUR car!


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