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European Car Engine Service & Repair in Plano, TX

Engines in European cars, and especially Exotics, are incredibly precise and complex in build. When something goes wrong or when the maintenance schedule dictates that it’s time to access the inner workings of one of these engines, you want to be sure you have a true professional doing the work.

The majority of the time when we are working on the inside of an engine, we’re doing performance work. Whether installing high performance camshafts or upgrading the rotating assembly to handle high-performance turbos, accuracy is at the forefront of everything we’re doing.

In addition to performance work, we often find ourselves doing the day-to-day work of fixing oil leaks and coolant leaks from head gaskets, rear main seals, timing covers, oil pans, and more.

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Engine Replacement in European Cars

Although it’s rare, there are times when things happen that require the replacement of the entire engine in your European or Exotic car. We’re here to help determine the best course of action, be it installing a factory new crate engine, an aftermarket stock remanufactured engine, a high-performance rebuild, or even a low mileage used engine from a wrecked vehicle.

Your driving habits, long-term goals for the vehicle, and desired level of performance will all play into the best solution for you. 

High Performance Engine Work

At EurAuto we do all levels of high performance work. Much of what we do is bolt-on performance, but you can only bold so much on before you compromise the integrity of the engine. It’s only capable of producing so much horsepower in its stock form before something is going to come apart.

Some of the high performance engine modifications we do regularly include:

  • Turbo additions, swaps, and upgrades
  • Installations of superchargers
  • Installation of nitrous kits, both wet and dry kits
  • Camshaft swaps
  • Vanos upgrades
  • Head stud kits
  • O-ringed head gasket installation

If you desire to make your street car into an absolute beast, set up a time to talk to us. We’ll help you make your dream into a reality.

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Schedule Your Car For Engine Repairs, Service, Or Replacement

Making an appointment is easy. Simply call us at 214-552-4194 or make an appointment online with our appointment request form. Looking for high-performance engine work? Set up a time to stop in and meet the team.


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