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A Dealership Alternative For Your Alfa Romeo In Plano, TX

There are not a lot of Alfa Romeos on the road in the Plano/Dallas area compared to other car brands. It can be hard to find a shop to work on your Alfa, and because of that many people resort to taking their car to the dealership when it’s time for repairs or maintenance.

At EurAuto, we happily (and proficiently) work on the Italian car brands, especially Alfa Romeo. We have the tools, equipment, and knowledge to perform all levels of repair on your car – and with the best warranty in the business, you can take comfort in knowing the work was done right.

Alfa Romeo Service and Repair - EurAuto Shop

Auto Repair Services For Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeos are fun cars to drive. In pure Italian fashion, they handle well, have respectable power, and they are beautiful cars. But the one thing you’ll never hear from someone is that they bought an Alfa Romeo because of its dependability. Look, we love Alfas, but we’re just being real.

If you drive an Alfa Romeo, you need a great auto repair shop whose technicians know the “ins and outs” of your car. EurAuto is that shop.

We perform all aspects of auto repair on Alfa Romeo including:

If you’re looking for a shop to take care of you and your Alfa, look no further than EurAuto.

Factory Recommended Maintenance for Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo’s factory recommended maintenance schedule is based on 10,000 mile intervals.

Every 10,000 miles your Alfa will get an oil and filter change. During this service the car will go through a multi-point inspection where all of the fluids will get checked for their level and condition, the battery will be checked, as well as the brakes, suspension, tire condition, belts, hoses, and more.

Alfa Romeo Repair and Service - EurAuto Shop in Plano Tx., image of Alfa Romeo Mito, Under the hood of car

At 20,000 miles you will additionally need a brake fluid flush, new cabin air filter, and new engine air filter.

At 30,000 miles you will get everything in the 10k service and additionally your spark plugs will need to be replaced.

This rotation will continue for the life of the vehicle.

Schedule Auto Repair Or Service For Your Alfa Romeo In Plano, TX

Making an appointment is easy. Give us a call at 214-552-4194 and our service advisors will be happy to schedule your service. If you prefer to schedule online, use our online scheduling tool.


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