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Service, Maintenance, Repairs, And Performance Upgrades For Porsche Cars And SUVs In Plano, TX

There’s nothing like the feeling of driving a Porsche. When you sit in the driver’s seat, everything is within perfect reach. The way that every component looks and feels just exudes excellence. The sound that rumbles from under the car when the engine comes to life – the secure feeling of the car sticking to the road as you go around that turn “way too fast” – it’s truly an experience. That’s exactly how we want you to feel when you come to EurAuto.

Comfort, security, excellence. It’s what Porsche drivers demand and it’s in our DNA. Welcome to the EurAuto family!

We wouldn’t expect you to trust your car to just anyone. Our technicians have years of experience and strive for the highest standards in auto repair. They stay up to date with training on the latest vehicle systems and diagnostic techniques. They have certifications ranging from ASE Master Certified to Factory Porsche Certified.

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Between our commitment to excellence, our training and certifications, and the factory level tools and equipment – we’re truly a dealership alternative (and beyond) for the most discerning Porsche owners.

Factory Recommended Maintenance for Porsche Cars And SUVs

A Porsche is a high performance automobile. Some of them are factory built race cars. No matter the model of Porsche you drive, it needs maintenance performed to exact standards to make sure it has a long, trouble-free life. The harder you drive it, the more important that maintenance is.

At EurAuto, we can perform your Porsche’s factory recommended maintenance as well as additional maintenance that may be needed due to your driving style and the extremes you ask your car to perform in.

The Highest Quality Fluids And Parts

Mobil 1 and Liqui Moly are our fluids of choice at EurAuto. These oils meet specifications ACEA A3, ACEA B4, and API SN. They are the best oil that money can buy. For the factory built race cars like the GT3RS, GT2RS, etc – talk to us if you have special needs.

Filters and other parts used when performing maintenance or repairs are original equipment or an even higher quality aftermarket.

Porsche Maintenance Schedule

The maintenance schedule for your Porsche is going to depend on the model. For the most part, Porsche requires that maintenance be performed at 10,000 mile intervals. Turbo cars have different requirements than naturally aspirated models Every 10,000 miles you will need an oil change. If your Porsche has the same size tires and wheels front and rear, you will also get a tire rotation. You will also get a full vehicle multipoint inspection at each service interval. At various mileage intervals, depending on the year, model, and features of your Porsche, you will be due for additional maintenance, including:
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Coolant flush
  • Transmission service
  • Spark plugs
  • Engine air filter
  • Cabin air filter
  • Tire sealer replacement
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Wiper blade replacement

For all of your Porsche maintenance needs, we’re here for you. We guarantee that any service we perform on your Porsche that is still under factory warranty will meet or exceed the requirements of the manufacturer and will keep your warranty intact.

Porsche Auto Repair

The technicians at EurAuto are experts at performing all levels of service and repair on Porsche cars and SUVs. We have factory information systems and diagnostic equipment, and we have a Porsche Factory Certified technician on staff, along with the other incredibly talented techs that we employ.

For the most part Porsche is a solid car line. They do have some common weak points though. These failure points include:

CV Joints

Normally people think of front wheel drive cars clicking while turning when they think of CV joints. Porsche has independent rear suspension and rear wheel drive. They also have a lot of horsepower and can be driven relatively hard. This causes stress on the CV joints and often leads to the CV axles needing to be replaced or rebuilt.

Coolant Leaks

Common Porsche coolant leaks include the seals for the coolant distribution pipe on the Cayenne and Panamera and failure of the expansion tanks on the Boxter. Of course, there are other coolant leaks that can occur on Porsche cars and SUVs, but these are the most common ones we see.

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Engine Problems

Porsche engines are incredibly good engines, but there are a few common problems we see here and there. Timing chain failures, oil separator failures, variocam solenoid failures, porous engine cases, and more. From minor repairs to complete rebuilds, we can handle all of your Porsche engine problems.

High Performance Upgrades For Porsche

It’s not always enough to just have a Porsche. Sometimes you just need more. That’s where we come in. Want to make your Porsche faster? Want it to handle better? Need to stop faster? Yeah, we can do that.

  • Performance tunes
  • Exhaust system upgrades
  • Intake system upgrades
  • Turbo upgrades
  • High performance street to full race suspensions
  • Wheel & tire upgrades

We love doing performance work at EurAuto, and Porsche is one of our favorite foundations to build on. Give us a call or drop in at the shop to talk about what we can do to make your dreams for your Porsche into reality.

Schedule Service For Your Porsche At EurAuto In Plano, TX

It’s easy to schedule service at EurAuto. Simply give us a call at 214-552-4194 or use our online scheduling form.

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