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Repair, Service, and Maintenance For Your Jaguar At Our Plano, TX Auto Repair Shop

The auto repair technicians at EurAuto are experts at the service and repair of Jaguar cars and SUVs. Whereas even a lot of auto repair shops that specialize in European cars tend to shy away from the British brands, we welcome them.

Jaguar Service and Repair - EurAuto Shop

Auto Repair For Jaguar Vehicles

From bumper to bumper, we handle all levels of auto repair for your Jaguar. The ASE certified mechanics at EurAuto will treat your car like it is their own mother’s car, giving it the best care and highest levels of attention to detail. When we’re done with a repair on your car, you can rest assured that it’s been done right. And we back that statement up with the best warranty in the industry.

When you come into the EurAuto shop, you’ll find us completing common Jaguar repairs such as :

Check Engine Light Repair

It’s pretty common on Jaguar for check engine light to come on. Most often the problem is due to a misfire from a failed ignition coil. Our technicians will use our factory level diagnostic tools to read codes and view live data, then perform any other needed diagnostics to determine the cause of the check engine light, then complete the repairs with your authorization.

Oil Leak Repairs

Jaguars, like many European cars, are known to leak oil. Common leakage points are from the oil pan gasket, camshaft covers, oil filter housings, and more. The exact point of leakage will determine the repair process, but take comfort knowing that we’ll only use the best replacement parts, gaskets, and techniques to make a repair that will last.

Transmission Replacement

Unfortunately, the transmission is a common point of failure for certain Jaguar models, especially the S-Type and X-Type. Replacement of the transmission is the best course of action.

Window Regulator Replacement

Did the window in you Jaguar roll down but wont come back up? Is that problem accompanied by a crunching noise when you try to roll it back up? If so, your window regulator has failed. The technician will remove your interior door panel and replace the window regulator with a new unit.

Jaguar Repair and Service - EurAuto Shop in Plano Tx., image of Jaguar F-Type show engine

Jaguar Maintenance Services

Your Jaguar will need periodic maintenance to ensure a long life of dependable service. The mechanics at EurAuto will perform factory recommended maintenance to meet or exceed the requirements of the manufacturer.

Jaguar’s maintenance schedule is based on a 5000 mile interval. Every 5000 miles you will need to have your oil changed and tires rotated. This will be accompanied by a visual inspection.

At 15,000 mile intervals you spark plugs and air filter will be replaced. 

At 30,000 mile intervals your transmission fluid and filter, power steering fluid, and rear axle lube will be replaced.

Schedule Repair Or Maintenance For Your Jaguar In Plano, TX – Northeast Dallas

To schedule a repair or maintenance at EurAuto, simply call us at 214-552-4194 or use our online scheduler.


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