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What’s a luxury car without great working air conditioning or climate control? Here in the Dallas area, it’s HOT in the summer and can be quite frigid in the winter. One thing we know from our customers is they want to be comfortable all year round. It makes sense, doesn’t everybody?

At EurAuto, our technicians are well versed in A/C and climate control repair on European cars and exotics. We’re all MACS 608/609 certified, meaning we’ve been trained in proper refrigerant handling techniques to be sure we’re protecting the environment.

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A/C Leak Diagnosis And Repair

Most of the time when a car’s air conditioning is not cooling well, it’s due to the refrigerant level being low. Finding the leak so repairs can be made is paramount, but not always easy. For diagnosing R-12, R-134a, and R1234yf – we use a combination of refrigerant leak detectors (sniffers) and leak detection die.

Once we find the leak, we use a refrigerant reclamation machine to safely evacuate the refrigerant from the system, repair the leak, and recharge the system with the proper amount of refrigerant and oil.

Common leak points include:

  • Pressure switches
  • Expansion valves
  • Receiver dryers
  • Compressor bodies
  • Condensers
  • Evaporator core

Air Conditioning And Climate Control Electronic Repairs

Modern A/C and climate control systems use high tech control systems to maintain the comfort levels of each independent zone in the vehicle. This requires the use of multiple temperature sensors, evaporator temperature sensors, blend doors, and other control techniques.

At EurAuto, we have the diagnostic tools that allow us to see the electronic functions that are happening within the climate control system. Having this kind of access aides in diagnosing an improperly working air conditioning and heating system.

Evaporator Core Replacement

The most dreaded of air conditioning leaks is the evaporator core leak. This is because the evaporator core is located behind the dash and replacement involves removing the dash, center console, and sometimes even the front seats. This is often a 20-30 hour job, depending on the vehicle.

When performing an evaporator core replacement (or any other repair) we want the client to have a seamless experience. When they pick up their car, they shouldn’t be able to tell that it was ever disassembled. This takes an incredible amount of attention to detail – something that our technicians are completely used to.

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Refrigerant Upgrades To Older Cars

When performing repairs on older vehicles that still have R-12 refrigerant systems, it’s often best to convert it to R-134a refrigerant. This requires replacement of the expansion valve, dryer, and all of the system’s oil. It also requires replacement of the o-rings throughout the system. This additional expense is usually offset by the lesser expensive refrigerant and cost of future repairs.

Schedule A/C And Climate Control Repairs At EurAuto In Plano, TX

The EurAuto team is ready to make your European vehicle cool and comfortable again. Let our team sweat the details so you don’t have to. To make an appointment call us at 214-552-4194 or use our online scheduling form. We’ll have you riding in comfort again in no time!


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