BMW Diesel Repair and Service

Service, Repair, And Maintenance For BMW Diesel Cars In Plano, TX

If you own a BMW diesel, you know how hard it can be to find a shop to work on it. We’ve even heard of isolated cases where the BMW dealership turned away these cars because they didn’t have a technician on staff with the proper training to work on these cars.

At EurAuto, we’re known for our work with BMW diesels. We know these cars inside and out and have built a cult following with the owners of these vehicles. It is incredibly common for people to travel from Houston (or farther) to have us do repair and service on their BMW diesel.

If you own a BMW diesel, you have found the right shop in EurAuto!

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BMW Diesel Maintenance

A BMW diesel is a bit of a special machine and therefore it has some different needs when it comes to maintenance. Sure, we do all of the basics like:

  • Oil changes
  • Fuel filter replacements
  • Tire rotation and balance
  • Wheel alignments
  • Transmission services

But there are some services that you wouldn’t normally think of that will save a lot of problems down the road. Those include:

  • Carbon cleaning
  • SCR and DPF cleaning

The SCR (selective catalyst reduction) and DPF (diesel particulate filter) will clog up over time with soot from the exhaust system. The vehicle is designed to do a periodic regeneration for the purpose of cleaning these systems but at higher mileage intervals it needs a little help.

We use a specially designed fluid and high-pressure application sprayer to clean the SCR and DPF. This will make these components last longer and will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Common BMW Diesel Repairs We Perform At EurAuto

The BMW diesels are pretty dependable cars. But just as any cars do, they have some common problems that we tend to see over and over.

Major Oil Leak

The BMW diesel has 2 intake runners with flaps that switch the runner being used based on the engine RPM. The flap/s can fail and cause increased crankcase pressure. The valve cover gasket is the weakest point and a large section of this gasket has been known to blow out, causing a major, disgusting oil leak.

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We have found this to happen usually around 115,000 miles and it tends to happen more on long road trips. As long as you don’t continue to drive, this seemingly major repair actually isn’t that bad of a job.

Low Boost

Another common issue with the BMW diesel is carbon buildup. This buildup severely restricts the intake passages and causes low power due to low turbo boost pressure. At EurAuto, we will clean the carbon buildup from the intake manifold, intake ports, and valves.

Because this carbon buildup happens slowly, drivers often don’t notice the loss of power until it has become severe. This is a repair that shows a very noticeable difference afterwards.

Harmonic Balancer Failure

A very common point of failure on your BMW diesel is the harmonic balancer. It’s pretty noticeable when it fails because your power steering stops working. An easy check to see if the balancer has failed it to open the hood with the engine running. If the engine is running and your belt is not turning or is barely turning, the harmonic balancer has failed.

When we perform this repair, we install a much higher quality harmonic balancer by Fluidampr.

Vacuum Line Repairs

The BMW diesel vacuum lines are notorious for failing. From the factory BMW uses vacuum lines that are cloth covered rubber. These lines harden over time from the heat under the hood and they break. When this happens it causes a vacuum leak that normally makes your check engine light come on.

The repair for this is to replace all of the vacuum lines. We normally upgrade the vacuum lines to a thick-wall silicone vacuum line that withstands the heat much better and lasts a lot longer than the factory lines.

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