7 Things That Can Your Void Your European Car Warranty

7 Things That Can Your Void Your European Car Warranty | EurAuto in Plano TX., Image of Used black car Mercedes Benz GL Open hood for preventive maintenanceNo matter the make or model of your vehicle, an extended warranty is a good idea. It can save you thousands on repair costs and offer added peace of mind—if you don’t void it. With this in mind, it’s vital to understand the practices that could void your warranty. Let’s explore the activities you should avoid to protect your warranty. 

Lack of European Maintenance 

Whether it’s a BMWMercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, MINI, or any other model, skipping preventative maintenance is one of the fastest ways to void your warranty. Preventative maintenance includes all of the services and solutions the manufacturer suggests you should have, such as:

  • Fluid inspections, 
  • Brake pad replacement,
  • Oil changes, 
  • Filter replacement, and 
  • More. 

Failure to have these services as suggested by the manufacturer can be a very expensive proposition. Fortunately, the European service center at EurAuto Shop in Plano TX can help. As the preferred European auto repair center, we offer every preventative maintenance service you need to protect your warranty. 

Making Unauthorized Modifications Can Void Your Warranty

Every vehicle manufacturer engineers its vehicle to maximize reliability, performance, and safety. When you start making unauthorized modifications, it can have serious consequences. And one sure way to void the warranty is to alter your engine’s software. If a malfunction or failure occurs because of the modifications, your warranty will be voided. Even if the mechanical failure isn’t directly related to the alterations, the warranty company may not pay for the repairs. 

Neglect and Misuse

Most warranties will not cover any damage caused by negligence or misuse. Examples of these types of activities include:

  • Overloading your vehicle,
  • Off-road activities,
  • Driving recklessly,
  • And other activities

Any damage caused by or related to these activities may void your warranty and leave you holding a hefty repair bill. 

Salvaged Titles Can Void Your Warranty

If you’re in an accident and suffer a total loss, the warranty will be voided. Even if you purchase the vehicle back from the insurance company, the title you will get back will be a “salvage” title. Vehicles with salvaged titles are not covered under the warranty. 

Using Aftermarket Parts

All vehicles are designed with specific parts that optimize performance and ensure longevity. These parts are called original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. If you use aftermarket parts, make sure they are of superior quality. Even so, some aftermarket parts can void your warranty, especially for critical systems.

Having Work Performed by Unqualified Technicians

Contrary to popular belief, you aren’t required to take your vehicle to the dealership in Plano TX for auto repairs and maintenance. Even so, it’s imperative to choose a repair facility wisely. Taking your European vehicle to a facility that doesn’t specialize in European auto repair could cause damage that voids your warranty. Make sure the mechanic you use is experienced and has the right tools for European auto repair. 

Using Non-Approved Lubricants and Fluids

When you choose a qualified European service center in Plano TX, you can rest easily knowing all services are done based on manufacturer specifications. On the other hand, if you choose the wrong auto repair center, an inexperienced mechanic will perform subpar service, which can void your warranty.

One common reason why is that a mechanic who doesn’t specialize in European vehicles may use the wrong parts or fluids. Using non-approved lubricants or fluids can cause damage or cause a critical component to malfunction. In this instance, the repairs wouldn’t be covered and your warranty may be voided. 

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