– Hey guys, what’s going on? It’s Michael here at EurAuto Shop. Got a little bit of something I want to show you guys of what we’ve got going on in the shop. We had a customer drop off today a BMW, and the vehicle wasn’t running. I know that sounds a little on the odd side but, no, it definitely wasn’t running. This is the BMW… This a 328, right, Jonathan?

– Yeah!

– So here’s Jonathan. Let me get this back and focus just a little bit so we can have a little fun here. Jonathan, why don’t you tell us what it is that we found on this thing?

– Well, upon further inspection of removing the valve cover, it looks like…

– But why did you remove the valve cover?

– Oh! First of all, we cranked the car over and it sounded like it had no compression. So with no compression, opened the oil cap. You could see that the cams were turning but we couldn’t… Just wasn’t getting any compression. So removal time to remove and further inspect, see what’s going on. And after we remove the valve cover, we’ve found that it was out 180 degrees. we’ve found that it was out 180 degrees.

– So I know something that you and I, we talk about all the time is the N20 motor. And those of you guys that aren’t familiar with what the N20 motor is, it’s the BMW four-cylinder motor. It’s notorious for timing chain failures. You think that’s maybe what happened on this thing?

– Timing chain is turning so I don’t think the timing chain failed. I think the VANOS units were failing, So with the VANOS unit failing internally through the timing out on the exhaust side.

– Do you think there’s anything that a customer could have maybe done, maybe oil changes every now and then?

– Definitely, they could have kept up with the oil changes a little better. You can see the sludge buildup up here on the eccentric shaft and you can definitely see how dirty the oil is.

– Would you show that to the camera? Why don’t you just put it right there. Oh! Let me get my finger out of the way. Oh, there we go! Yeah, that’s probably a little dirty. Let me get myself back in here. I know that we probably don’t stress enough to customers how important oil changes are, and I’ll do a follow-up video to this once we get a little further into it to where everybody can see. But oil changes, guys! I know BMW says every 10,000?

– 10,000 to 15,000.

– Okay, 10,000 to 15,000, synthetic oil. It doesn’t matter if it’s BMW oil. It doesn’t matter if it’s Porsche oil. It does not matter what it is. 5,000 and no more than 7,000 miles, and most of the time, you don’t have failures like this. If you want to book an appointment, you know what to do. Reach out to us at EurAutoShop.com or give us a call at 552-4194. We hope that you guys have a great and wonderful weekend, and we’ll talk to you guys soon!