– Hey, guys, guess who it is again? It’s Michael Gallini here at EurAuto Shop in Plano, Texas. Today we’ve got a customer that brought in a BMW 335d that you can see behind me, and we’re in here doing some maintenance items on it and I kind of wanted to go over and I wanted to show you some stuff that we’ve got going on with this thing. Let we get this camera turned around here and get it pointed in the right angle. Let’s go down. There we go. So as you can see on here, we’ve got the intake manifold off on the vehicle. When we were doing our inspection, we did find that it’s got a couple coolant leaks which is why we had to pull the intake manifold off. But something I wanted to show you guys, and any of you guys that know BMW diesels know that these things are notorious for carbon buildup. Let me see if I can zoom in here and kind of show you. So that little hole right there and all this stuff that you’re seeing around there is carbon buildup. The diesels are really, really bad along with the BMW, the N54 motor is also another very common one to have issues like this. So on this one is what we’re going to do is we’re going to de-carbon this bad boy. This vehicle right here I want to say has a little over 200,000 miles on it. We’ve got service history on this thing for several, several years. This car’s been a great vehicle. My hopes is is that after we get done with this and we get it back to the customer they’re going to be blown away with the way that everything is on it. This is actually, what we’re doing to this vehicle, I’m just going to say it’s got a little bit of awesome sauce going into it. But anyways, I wanted to bring you guys out here and show you it. You guys got any questions about diesel work, I’m not going to say that I know everything about the diesels, but I do know quite a bit about them. I get phone calls day in and day out about different diesel questions. If you guys have any questions, is the phone number back there? Oh, it’s backwards. So we got 214-552-4194 or you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, EurAuto Shop, or go look us up at www.eurautoshop.com and I personally look forward to talking to you guys and I hope you guys have a wonderful week and an even better weekend. We’ll talk to you guys later.