– Hey guys! Michael Gallini here at EurAuto Shop. Today we had a customer bring in a E92 M3 Today we had a customer bring in a E92 M3 that we did some work on. I want to bring you guys out here and walk around and show you guys. We’re currently in the process of doing an alignment with it, but it’s a gorgeous car. It’s a little on the dirty side but I’m not going to hate because it’s one of the color combos that I really like. We did H&R lowering springs on it and the M3 competition wheels. Let me turn this camera around right here and I’ll give you guys a quick glimpse of it. So here this beauty is. One of my absolute favorites. And as you guys can see right now, Jonathan is up there doing the alignment. Jonathan, what all did you do to this thing?

– We put H&R lowering springs, front and rear, and now we’re just doing an alignment. We changed the wheels out, as well. I’m trying to get this thing back into specifications so the customer can get back on the road.

– What’s your favorite thing about this car? I know this is kind of your flagship car so I want to know and I want to hear.

– Just the way it sounds and the way it drives. There’s nothing like that naturally aspirated V8. I think it sounds phenomenal.

– Yeah! Would you say this is one of your dream cars?

– It is definitely one of my dream cars.

– You’re going to own one, one day?

– I am definitely going to.

– What color combo?

– I like this blue.

– You do?

– So just blue with black. Like the way it sits, honestly.

– Bernie, better watch out. Your car may be spoken for already.

– This is probably it right here, yeah!

– Bernie had probably one of the cleanest E46 M3s and traded it in on this gorgeous thing right here. But I’ll do one more walk around on here so you guys can see. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous car! Now, this car has had the factory exhaust mod. I wish I could do a cold start with it but unfortunately the car, it is warmed up. I did not do it on this one. It is something that we can do for you guys. I’m going to say it once and I’ll say it again. If there’s anything that we can do for you guys, whether it be service work or performance work or anything in between, the only thing that we do not do is bodywork. Now, with that being said, we are able to do spoiler installs, lifts installs, and stuff like that, but we don’t do any kind of major work. Check us out on Facebook or you can go to our website, www.EurAutoShop.com, or give us a call, 552-4194. We’ll talk to you guys soon. Hope you have a wonderful week.