– What’s up, guys? Michael here. Want to jump on here and do a quick video. Got Montana here. What are we doing here today, Montana?

– We’re just bushings.

– E46. Anybody who’s got an E46, you know these are super notorious. We’re actually doing the ECS poly bushings on them. The old one’s got to be pushed out, new one’s got to be pushed in. Essentially, you’re never going to have this problem ever again. It’s a nice upgrade to do on the E46 M3. There’s a lot of other cars that are out there that you can do it on. It seems like the E46s, more particular, are the ones that we see wear out a lot more than often. Anyways, kind of give you an idea of what’s got to come out. Driveshaft comes out. Differential is removed completely. It’s… What is this, Montana? Like a six-hour job?

– Yes, six hours.

– Six-hour job. Is it ever a bad idea to refill the dip point?

– Nope.

– Nope.

– It’s a good idea.

– Is this one leaking?

– Yes, for sure.

– Q and A for the technicians, right. Anyways, got any questions, comments about it, let us know. There you go. There’s this quick little overview of what’s going on at the shop today, along with doing a motor over there. It’s crazy busy right now. Anyways, we’ll talk to you guys later. Have a good day.