Why Auto Repair Shops Grimace at Installing Customer Supplied Parts?

With the rise of online shopping, consumers are more empowered to find whatever their heart desires on the world-wide-web. While Amazon and similar retailers may specialize in Halloween costumes, computer parts, and more — automotive parts and components are an entirely different story. 

At EurAuto Shop in Plano, TX, we provide a range of auto repair and maintenance services for exotic and European vehicles. Because of the complexity associated with European auto repair in Plano, TX, we only source and use the highest-quality parts.

Unfortunately, this almost always means installing customer-supplied parts isn’t an option. And we aren’t alone: most facilities that offer auto repair in Plano, TX, and throughout the world take the same stance. Let’s take a closer look at why EurAuto Shop and most other auto repair facilities are reluctant to — or refuse — to install customer-supplied parts.  

Not All Parts Are Created Equally

It’s Friday night, and you want to visit your favorite steak house. The first step is to drive down to your local Trader Joe’s, Krogers, or Sprouts to grab a ribeye with perfect marbling for the chef to cook…right? Well, in the words of Lee Corso, “Not so fast, my friend.” In all seriousness, you would never fathom doing such a thing.

So along the same vein — why would you ask your mechanic to install customer-supplied parts? One glaring reason is that not all parts are created equally, and the expert technicians at EurAuto Shop are fully aware of that. This is one of the top reasons why most repair facilities do not install parts supplied by customers. 

But My Customer Supplied Parts Are Cheaper!

When it comes to any part, you get what you pay for. While all parts may look alike, there is a massive gulf between cheaper and less expensive. Most importantly, all parts are not manufactured with the exact tolerances. And when it comes to exotic vehicles and European auto repair in Plano, TX, every fraction of a millimeter matter. Far too often, inexperienced mechanics have exhausted valuable time and effort installing customer-supplied parts only to deliver poor outcomes associated with an ill-fitting part. As a result, the quality and longevity of the vehicle repair are wasted down the drain. 

We Stand Behind Our Work & Parts

At EurAuto Shop, we only do the best work! We confidently check every box and go great distances to ensure our parts and labor and are precise and engineered to last. So much so, we stand behind our wearable parts and labor with an industry-leading 4-Year/50,000-Mile warranty!

The only way we are able to offer you this peace of mind is by carefully sourcing reliable parts from partners we trust. If we were to install customer-supplied parts, we couldn’t — with good consciousness or business sense — offer our warranty. And this isn’t how we do business. 

But the Customer Supplied Parts Offers a Warranty for the Retail Buyer…Right?

One of the top questions we receive when discussing our reluctance to install customer-supplied parts is that “Doesn’t the part manufacturer offer the retail buyer a warranty?”. While the short answer is “yes”, the real answer is “It’s not that easy.” Most manufacturers do guarantee the part to you — the retail buyer.

But if this part fails immediately after installation — this has happened more often than not with customer-supplied parts — you will be stuck having to pay labor costs to replace the part. This isn’t fair to you! In addition, if a repair facility installs a part that fails, it can create a very sticky, legal liability for that facility where they could be held legally liable. The judge will almost always rule in favor of the customer and add something to the tune of “The repair facility shouldn’t have installed a customer-supplied part whose reliability and performance couldn’t be guaranteed.” 

Many Customer-Supplied Parts Offer ‘Meh’ Performance…If You’re Fortunate

As an exotic or European vehicle owner in Plano TX, you’ve most likely paid a premium for your Land Rover, Mercedes, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, or other vehicles. But that’s not without cause. European vehicles are special.

Most are designed to perform uniquely and offer drivers an unmistakable allure. To preserve this exceptional performance and to prevent you from experiencing an embarrassing or dangerous breakdown, you should only use the best, most reliable parts for your vehicle. Simply put, most auto repair facilities will not install customer-supplied parts because their performance can’t be trusted. You deserve better. 

Contact EurAuto Shop Today for Reliable Auto Repair in Plano TX

At EurAuto Shop, we live, breathe, and love what we do. Over the years, we have established valuable relationships with vendors and manufacturers of high-quality, affordable parts for European and exotic vehicles, such as Lamborghinis and McLarens. Because of this, we know without a shadow of a doubt the parts we use are premium. On the other hand — because of all of the aforementioned reasons (and more) — we do not install customer-supplied parts. 

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