– Hey, guys, it’s Michael Gallini here at EurAuto Shop in Plano, Texas. Today we had a customer drop off a Mercedes-Benz C63 Black Edition, and I just really want to kind of go over this vehicle with you guys and show you. This particular vehicle has been tuned. It’s got long tube headers on it and full exhaust. It does have intake on it. Like I said, we just did a simple oil change. Through all of our oil changes we do what’s called a digital video inspection where we inspect the brakes, the tires, check it for oil leaks and any and everything in between, but I really feel like I should start this thing up and show you guys what it’s about because this thing sounds phenomenal and it is phenomenal. So come on back here and let me show you guys. All right, are you guys ready? Who does not love the way that this thing sounds? Man, this thing brings goosebumps to me. It really does. Guys, if there’s anything that we can do for you, whether it be high performance work, maintenance work, anything in between, I’d love to earn your business. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, or at www.eurautoshop.com and we look forward to seeing you guys.