– Hey guys, it’s Michael Gallini here again, at EurAuto Shop in Plano, Texas. Today, we had a customer and bring in a Volkswagen Golf. They had done struts on it, springs, control on bushings, and I think the list goes on, and brought it to us because they were experiencing a, I guess, a creaking noise. Here’s Jonathan. Jonathan is the technician that’s working on them. Let me get this thing turned around though, and I’m going to put the camera on Jonathan today. I’m taking myself out of the equation, and I’m just going to ask questions and make somebody else feel super awkward about it. But anyways, let me get this thing turned around. Jonathan,

– How’s it going?

– Good. How are you?

– I’m doing all right.

– So as you heard just a second ago, I went over just a little introductory about this vehicle and, and what’s going on with it. Tell us what it is that, that you saw on it?

– Well, ultimately, the customer came in with a creaking noise. They did have suspension stuff replaced, but I think we found a creaking noise to be coming from the engine maps.

– Really?

– There being front wheel drive the engine rocks, frontwards and backwards. So those mounts are taking a pretty good beating and whenever we would roll it, we would hear creaking coming from.

– Now, when you say rolling, like, is it, like you Fred Flint-stoning the car or

– We’re just kind of pushing it back and forth and it puts a, it puts a load on the axles. and therefore it’s moving the engine frontwards or backwards. So, that’s how we put a load on it. That’s how we heard the creaking.

– It’s a big job?

– It seems to be a pretty good job. I guess, to us, it’s a pretty standard job. I guess, to us, it’s a pretty standard job. It’s nothing crazy, but it’s okay.

– Well, cool. Awesome. Well, back on me guys, anyways, if you guys are experiencing anything like this, we’d love to take a look at it. We don’t charge the diagnostic fee to look at something like this. Matter of fact, I want to say this is probably one of mine and Jonathan’s favorite things to do is stuff like this, just because it gets us in front of the vehicle. It gets us in front of you guys, and there’s nothing more that we like than to make you guys feel like you’re at home. I’d love to earn your business guys. I’d love for you guys to come up here, see the shop, take a look around, see how we do things here because I do I feel like we do things completely different. Look us up on Instagram, Facebook, EurAuto Shop. Look us up at www.EurAutoShop.com or stop by come and say hi to us. We love frequent visitors and we love being here for you guys. Anyways, we’ll talk to you guys later. Have a good one.