– Hey, guys, welcome to EurAuto Shop. My name is Michael Golini. I’m the owner here. As you can see, this is our waiting area. We’ve got anything from coffee to Cokes, to water, a green tea, whatever it may be. As you come into our facility, you’re going to be greeted by either Jonathan or by Jeff. Jeff’s primarily who you’re going to end up speaking to. Occasionally you could speak to myself or you’ll speak to Jonathan, but for the most part, you’re going to speak to one of the two people. Why don’t you guys come on back here and I’ll show you the back of the shop. As you can see here, we’ve got our tire equipment. We’ve got our alignment machine. As I walk you through, you’re going to see that we’ve got six different bays. We’re able to get you in the same day. Typically within the hour of what you call, we’re able to accommodate you. We service anything from BMWs to McLarens, to Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghinis, anything from your, you know, from a Volkswagen to a Lamborghini, we’re here to accommodate you. We do anything from high performance work, when it comes to downpipes, exhaust installs. We’re also able to take care of your brakes, anything suspension wise. You’ve got an oil leak, we can take care of you. Anyways, guys, I’d love to earn your business and I look forward to seeing you.