3 Common Causes for BMW Repair in Plano, TX

At EurAuto Shop, we simply adore European vehicles, so much so that “Euro” is in our name. As such, it should come as no surprise that drivers throughout Plano, TX and beyond turn to us for the best European auto repair solutions. Whether it’s suspension repair, engine services, AC repair, brake repair, oil change, or anything else, EurAuto Shop specializes in delivering fast solutions that work.

Recently, a customer brought their beautiful 2016 BMW 430 into our shop for a coolant leak. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time we’ve had a customer bring their BMW 430 to us for similar issues. Because of the frequency of this problem, we’ve created a quick two-minute video offering a deeper explanation. 

Check out the video above and read on to learn more about some of the most common BMW repair issues we see at EurAuto Shop in Plano, TX.

3 Common Causes for BMW Repair | EurAuto Shop in Plano, TX. Closeup image of a BMW engine and other component under the hood.1. BMW Coolant Leaks & Engine Cooling System Problems in Plano, TX

Coolant leaks and engine cooling system problems are among the top types of BMW repair we see in Plano, TX. The problem with the BMW in the video can be attributed mainly to BMW’s decision to use brittle plastic for its housing. Several factors can cause leakage, but the process of tank expansion is at the top of the list.

How do you know? The dashboard indicator may light up a day or two after the coolant has been refilled, or your BMW may begin to run hot. 

In either case, the leak is usually the result of a tiny crack or separation. No matter the cause, it’s imperative to have the right BMW repair facility remedy the problem before it causes damage to your engine.

2. BMW Oil Leaks in Plano, TX

Another common BMW repair we see at EurAuto Shop is oil leaks. Unfortunately, an oil leak is both frustrating and a way of life for most engines. 

If you do have an oil leak, one of the first things you may notice is the smell of burnt oil whenever your BMW runs. The odor will be even more noticeable when you open the hood and give it a quick once over.

Several factors could cause your BMW to have an oil leak, such as faulty fuel injectors, a failing fuel pump, a leaky valve cover, and more. Because EurAuto Shop specializes in European vehicle repair, we have the expertise and tools to locate the leak and remedy it quickly.

3. BMW Steering Wheel Vibrations in Plano, TX

If you drive a BMW 3 Series vehicle, you may notice your steering wheel vibrates whenever you brake lightly. While it may be tolerable at first, the situation will eventually worsen. Over time, you may be able to visibly see your entire steering wheel column swaying back and forth. This shaky situation needs immediate BMW repair.

Fortunately, the mechanics at EurAuto Shop can help. If we can catch the problem early, replacing the control arm bushing may be the best solution. However, when this problem is allowed to go unattended, it could require the replacement of the ball joint and rotors.

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