Are Volkswagens Hard to Fix and Maintain?

Are Volkswagens Hard to Fix and Maintain? | EurAuto Shop in Plano, TX. Closeup image of Volkswagen engine exposed for auto repair.In the world of automobiles, few vehicles are more exclusive than German cars, such as a Volkswagen. And there are a few commonly held beliefs when it comes to Volkswagens. 

“They are German cars, so they’re extremely reliable and sturdily made.” “They are German cars, so they’re hard to repair.” “They are German cars, so they are expensive to repair.”

The fact is Volkswagens are not hard to repair or too expensive—as long as the mechanic has the knowledge and tools to do so. At EurAuto Shop in Plano, TX, we specialize in Volkswagen repair and all things European auto repair

Let’s take a closer look at VW auto repair and how EurAuto Shop can help.

Why Is Volkswagen Repair Perceived to Be Difficult?

Here are a few reasons and factors contributing to VW auto repair’s perceived difficulty.

1. VW Parts Were Difficult to Find

Several years ago, Volkswagen parts were tough to source. This was because most parts for VW auto repair had to be imported from either Mexico or Germany.

2. Electronic Readers Couldn’t Read VW Diagnostic Codes

Moving forward to the early 2000s, certain diagnostic codes on Volkswagen Passats and Jettas couldn’t be read by standard electronic readers. VW mechanics had to rely on specialized training to troubleshoot and diagnose the vehicles. 

Unfortunately, this extremely labor-intensive process would cost VW owners significant time. And time is money.

3. Volkswagens Had Boxer Engine Configuration

Adding to the complexity of VW repair, the manufacturer used a boxer engine configuration in most models until 2006. This caused many DIYers to have difficulty accessing and repairing the engine.

Not All Mechanics Can Perform Repair Volkswagens

Volkswagen vehicles have made leaps and bounds in correcting these long-held beliefs. These efforts have made maintenance on Volkswagen vehicles more manageable and economical.

Even so, a mechanic must have the tools, expertise, and training to perform VW auto repair properly. Unfortunately, the average mechanic doesn’t have these qualities. 

Why Choose EurAuto Shop for Volkswagen Repair

EurAuto Shop in Plano, TX specializes in VW auto repair

To remedy the difficulty in finding parts, we keep a large selection of the most common VW parts and components on hand. If we don’t have the part in our inventory, we have established valuable relationships with local and national vendors. We can quickly secure the necessary parts with ease. 

EurAuto Shop only hires the best and most talented ASE-Certified mechanics. At the same time, many of our mechanics have received specialized European vehicle training and certifications. This allows us to administer VW auto repair faster and more efficiently, which leads to lower repair costs for you. 

Most importantly, EurAuto Shop offers an exclusive 5-year/60,000-mile Warranty on qualifying parts and labor. Simply put, we make Volkswagen repair easier and less expensive, giving you greater peace of mind.

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We are not only doing Volkwagen repair. We all do various types of Europen auto repair, including BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Porsche, and Volvo. 

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