Setting High Care Standards for European Autos

Setting High Care Standards for European Autos | EurAuto Shop in Plano, TX. Closeup image of Volkswagen engine exposed for auto repair.European auto owners are looking for guaranteed excellent, industry-setting standards of maintenance repair and care. It is imperative for owners to have a trusted auto repair shop for their beloved cars to ensure an everyday smooth-sailing ride.

Led by company owner Michael Gallini, the expert team of technicians puts their experience and knowledge into gear every day at the West Plano Parkway hub, where they specialize in all European makes and models, including BMW, Mercedes Benz, Mini Cooper, Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen.

Among the team, they have a BMW Master Technician, Porsche Certified technician, Maserati Master Technician, and McLaren factory-trained technician to accommodate owners’ European automotive repair and maintenance repairs.

As Plano’s premier European auto care provider, EurAuto’s service advisors and technicians have a transparent and trusted approach to aspiring to the highest standards demanded of clients.

Their technicians receive a minimum of 40 hours of training annually, and certifications include ASE Master Certified with L1 and L2, BMW Master Certified, Porsche Certified, MACS 608/609, and other certificates for vehicle-specific systems and diagnostic procedure training.

“Our customers always come first,” asserted Michael, who created EurAuto in June 2015 to set standards higher than any other independent automotive shop. “But it’s our staff that makes who we are.

“Our experts desire to be the best in their field, and we accept nothing short of excellence because we know clients wouldn’t have it any other way when it comes to car care and the safety of their families.”

Their range of services and attention to detail has been highly praised in testimonials from many customers. Kenan Kikic commented: “I cannot recommend this place enough. I had a variety of work done to my car and they were by far the cheaper option compared to the BMW dealer and very fair among competitors.

“Steve was very easy to work with, transparent, and knew what I wanted to be done and how. Everything that was done was to my highest expectations and or better. Definitely, my first choice shop, and will be coming back!

Christopher Benitez added: “Highly recommended. I’ve taken my BMW 340i to them, twice, and they have done a wonderful job! They don’t try to up-sale or tickle your ears. They tell you what’s wrong and fix it! Definitely cheaper than the dealership. I definitely will bring my car every single time! Steve and Jonathan are awesome!”

To book an appointment or for more information about EurAuto Shop’s scope of services:

Phone: (214) 552-4194
Email: [email protected]