3 Dangerous Land Rover Brake Problems You Shouldn't Ignore

Land Rover Discovery on display at the Orange County International Auto Show.Your ability to confidently stop your vehicle is unequivocally the most important safety feature on your Land Rover. Even so, most people fail to pay their brakes the attention they deserve until a strange sound, weird braking feeling, or other sign. If you’re fortunate and diligent, you will heed these early warning signs for Land Rover brake service and bring your vehicle to EurAuto Shop in Plano TX.

When you do, our experienced European auto mechanic will perform a complete brake inspection and diagnostics to determine the underlying cause of the out-of-the-ordinary brake performance. Then, we can suggest the best Land Rover brake service or Land Rover brake repair required. While every situation is different, we’ve outlined some of the top Land Rover brake repair issues we see at our Plano TX repair shop.

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Got a Spongy Pedal? Get the Best Land Rover Brake Repair in Plano TX

When you press the brake pedal on your Land Rover, it should feel solid and firm. However, if you notice spongy or soft brake pad resistance, you need timely Land Rover brake service. The feel of your brake pedal comes from fluid pressure in the brake lines and master cylinder. Anytime you press the brake pedal, your master cylinder pushes fluid through the lines. The fluid activates the piston that closes the calipers on the rotor, using friction to bring your vehicle to a halt.

When everything is working properly, you should feel no difference in the firmness of your brake pedal in any part of the process. However, if you do feel a soft or spongy brake pedal, it’s a glaring indication you need Land Rover brake service. Common culprits of a spongy pedal include:

  1. Master cylinder wear
  2. Faulty or damaged brake caliper
  3. Air in your brake lines
  4. Damage to your brake lines
  5. Moisture in the brake fluid

While there may be many causes of a soft or spongy brake pedal, they all require fast and professional Land Rover brake repair.

Land Rover Parking Brake Repair & Service

Land Rovers are known for their luxury and exceptional performance. These vehicles are also known for having parking brake issues. Land Rover brake service issues can stem from the Electric Parking Brake Module (EPBM). The EPBM uses a button instead of a lever. When you activate the electronic parking brake, an electrical signal is transmitted to activate and lock your parking brakes.

Brake Dashboard Warning Indicator in Plano TX

When EPBM fails, it will cause the parking brake to stop working and even trigger a dashboard warning indicator. However, before your brakes fail, you may notice a screeching sound whenever you apply your parking brake. Another common Land Rover brake repair associated with the parking brake is a misaligned cable. If your parking brakes do not have proper and sufficient tension, the system will not function as it should. In addition, worn parking brake shoes can cause similar problems.

Because of this, the experts at EurAuto Shop in Plano TX will always check the alignment of your parking brake cable as a part of Land Rover brake service to prevent future brake cable problems. If you have Land Rover brake service completed by a European auto mechanic outside of EurAuto Shop, make sure they replace the brake pads, rear brake disc, and shoes anytime the EPBM is being replaced.

Rear Brake Caliper Problems

Your Land Rover brake system is unique. While most vehicles have brake system discs in the front, Land Rover brake system discs are in the rear. Whenever your brakes work properly, the discs are attached to and spin with your wheels. The calipers generate friction and rely on brake fluid to slow the vehicle.

If this system fails, you will be in a dangerous situation. However, before the system fails, it will usually offer you distinct warning signs, such as:

  1. Strange sounds when you brake
  2. Leaning brake fluid
  3. Reduced braking ability
  4. Uneven brake pad wear

Any one of these signs should prompt you to bring your vehicle to EurAuto Shop in Plano TX for Land Rover brake service and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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