How to Prepare Your European Car for Summer Road Trips

Prepare Your European Car for Summer Road Trips | EuroAuto in Plano TX, image of Audi preparing to change a brand new tire for summerWhen summer temperatures cause mercury to spike, it’s important your vehicle is up to the task. And if you’re planning summer road trips, prepping your BMW, Audi, or European vehicle for the journey is even more important. Fortunately, the experts at EurAuto Shop in Plano TX can help. 

At EurAuto Shop, we specialize in performing fast and effective European pre-trip and preventative maintenance services. Let’s explore some of the most fundamental steps in preparing your European vehicle for summer road trips. 

Make Sure to Check Your Tires 

Before you set out on your summer adventure, don’t overlook your tires. As the only part of your vehicle that makes physical contact with the road, it’s vital to ensure your tires are in good working order. And if anything doesn’t check out, it’s imperative to have the necessary European auto repair before hitting the road. 

Visually Inspect Tires for Signs of Wear and Tear

Get started by examining all four tires, including the spare tire if available. Inspect them for any cuts, gouges, or bulges on the sidewalls. If you detect any signs, don’t hesitate to contact EurAuto Shop in Plano TX for the best “tires near me.”

How Can I Tell If I Have a Sufficient Tire Tread?

Next, you should ensure your tires have sufficient tread. To check the tire tread, place a quarter into the grooves with the upside-down image of George Washington. If you can see the top of his head, it’s a sign that you should be looking for a new “set of tires near me.” 

Always Check Your Tire Pressure

Finally, you should check and inspect the tire pressure. It’s best to check the tire pressure when the car has been stationary for a while, and the tires are cool. Inflate the tires as needed based on specifications from the manufacturer. You can find tire information in the owner’s manual or on the driver-side door jamb sticker. Avoid using the number provided on the tire sidewall.

Battery Checks

Your car battery provides the necessary charge to start your vehicle and for the most fundamental accessories, such as lights, radio, etc. Simply put, there are many systems relying on your battery. Fortunately, your alternator recharges the battery as you drive. If this doesn’t happen, you could find yourself stranded on the side of the road. The best solution is to schedule a professional battery inspection at EurAuto Shop in Plano TX as a part of your pre-trip vehicle maintenance. Don’t have time? At a minimum, you should visually inspect your battery for loose cables or battery corrosion. 

Fluid Services in Plano TX 

Your vehicle uses six essential fluids to perform efficiently. These fluids include:

  • Engine oil is your vehicle’s most important fluid. Engine oil reduces friction, cools engine parts, cleans parts, and ensures it runs efficiently. 
  • Coolant is a powerful fluid that absorbs heat and sends it out through the exhaust, helping prevent your engine from overheating. 
  • Power steering fluid transmits power to the steering system and allows your vehicle to steer effortlessly. 
  • Brake fluid allows your vehicle to stop when you press the pedal. 
  • Transmission fluid is similar to oil because it protects, cools, and performs several different roles within your transmission. 
  • Windshield washer fluid quickly cleans your windshield and ensures you can see. 

These fluids are extremely important. And before you hit the road, it’s imperative that fluids are at the appropriate levels. Ensure all fluids are up to the correct level and accurately topped off. 

Contact EurAuto Shop in Plano TX for Pre-Trip Vehicle Maintenance and European Auto Repairs

Before you hit the road for your summer trip, it’s important to have vehicle diagnostics and vehicle maintenance. These pre-trip services can detect minor issues before they snowball into more expensive repairs. And the team at EurAuto Shop can help. As the best center for European auto repair, our highly-skilled and trained mechanics have the expertise to perform auto repair and vehicle maintenance on any and every European model, including: 

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