Brake Repair and Service

Brake Repairs, Replacements, and High Performance Upgrades in Plano, TX

One of the most common auto repair services we perform at EurAuto is the basic replacement of brakes due to normal wear and tear.

Disc brakes work by squeezing a brake rotor between a set of brake pads. The pads clamp down on the rotors causing friction, stopping the wheel from turning.

Modern brake pads are made from really hard materials like ceramic, copper, steel, graphite, and brass – typically a mixture of these materials bonded together with resin.

Brake rotors are made of steel. As the brake pads clamp down on the rotors, tiny pieces of brake pad and rotor are ground to dust. That’s the black dust that tends to build up on your wheels.

Every time you come to a stop, your pads and rotors wear and become thinner and eventually need replacement. That’s where we come in at EurAuto.

A brake job at EurAuto is at least as good as the factory original. We use only the highest quality parts from manufacturers such as Brembo, Textar, Akebono, and Raybestos. We back our brake jobs with a 5 year, 50,000 mile warranty.

Performance Brake Upgrades

EurAuto Shop in Plano Tx, doing brake repair and service on a Lamborghini with a red, white and green striped brake pad to represent the italian flag

Most of the time when people think about performance upgrades they like to focus in on the upgrades that make their car faster. But when you increase horsepower, you really need to think about how you can better stop that fast car.

Braking systems on European and Exotic cars are pretty darn good from the factory, but they can certainly be made better.

Performance upgrades we can do to your braking system include:

  • Stainless brake hoses
  • High-performance brake pads
  • 4 and 6 piston caliper upgrades
  • Complete “big brake” kits that include performance matched rotors, calipers, pads, and lines

It’s fun to go fast, but never underestimate the satisfaction that comes with upgrading your brakes. It’s not only a performance upgrade, it’s a major safety upgrade, and that’s just plain smart!

ADAS, EBS, and Brake by Wire

Modern braking systems aren’t the “dumb” brakes of yesterday. Advanced driver assistance systems will actually apply your brakes for you if the car senses you’re about to be in a collision. Modern traction control systems will apply individual brakes to pull you out of a spin.

Yaw rate sensors and acceleration sensors aren’t just for airplanes anymore. Your car’s braking system is incredibly smart and requires a technician with the knowledge and tools to perform proper repairs.

Even doing a simple brake pad replacement on an ADAS equipped car requires skill and precision. The braking system has to be put into workshop mode because the car could apply the brakes while it’s being worked on. In a best case scenario, the pistons are pushed out of the calipers and the calipers are destroyed. In a worst case scenario, your fingers are crushed or even amputated by the calipers.

At EurAuto, we have the tools, equipment, and knowledge of how to work on modern braking systems. When we perform a brake repair, you KNOW it’s been done right.

Schedule Brake Repairs or Upgrades at EurAuto in Plano, TX

Scheduling brake service, repairs, or upgrades at our Plano, TX auto repair shop is easy. Give us a call at 214-552-4194 or use our online scheduling form to make an appointment. Our team is excited to meet you and we look forward to welcoming you to the family!


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