Do European Car Brakes Need Extra Attention?

European Car Brakes Need Extra Attention | EurAuto in Texas, image of a brand new brake disc and brake padFrom the envious stares, exhilarating performance, and premium interior, there’s nothing average about a European vehicle. It should come as no surprise that every part of your vehicle requires specialized expertise and attention, including your brakes. While certain general preventative maintenance services across the board are required, European brakes do require extra attention. Let’s explore a few fundamental European brake repair services. 

European Vehicles Have Higher Standards 

Whether it’s Land Rover brake service, Mercedes brake service in Plano, TX., or Alfa Romeo brake service, European vehicles have higher standards on virtually every component. And the brakes are no different. Brake pads, brake performance hoses, belts, rotors, and virtually every other part is designed for the high standards of European auto performance. As such, these parts tend to be more expensive. Even if you choose aftermarket parts for brake repair and brake service, parts are typically higher than a comparable component for an Asian or American vehicle. 

European Vehicles Require Specialized Diagnostic Software

Today’s vehicles are more advanced than ever. Modern vehicles have state-of-the-art computers that mechanics utilize to diagnose various systems and components, including the brakes. However, the diagnostic software for European vehicles tends to be more expensive than for Asian and American cars. More so, the domestic software is specific to each European manufacturer. This software quickly accesses the vehicle’s brains and provides the mechanics with pin-point testing and diagnostic codes. 

Replace Your Brake Pads & Brake Rotors at the Same Time

As the owner of a European vehicle, you should replace your rotors and brake pads at the same time because of the unique design of European brake systems. Most European manufacturers utilize softer compound materials in their brake rotors to bolster braking performance. The softer brake pad material provides more bite and a solid brake pedal feel. 

While it delivers better brake performance, you sacrifice longevity and may need to replace your brake pads more often. 

To ensure proper braking performance, replace your rotors with the brake pads. The main reason is if one brake component wears down, it will put extra stress on other parts. Unfortunately, this can lead to more damage, increasing the likelihood of requiring repairs in the future. 

The best solution is to replace your brake pads and rotors simultaneously. When you do, you can save money in the long run. Most importantly, you can ensure your brake pads and rotors work together seamlessly, efficiently, and effectively. This may not be the same with Asian and American vehicles. 

Can Any Auto Repair Shop Perform European Brake Service & Brake Repair? 

The answer to this question is an emphatic no! European vehicles are very different from American and Asian vehicles. Every part of your European vehicle features unique engineering and advanced technology that requires specialized knowledge and skills to do brake repair and service. Because of this, when your European vehicle needs brake service or repair, you’ll need the expertise of EurAuto Shop in Plano, TX. We have highly skilled, certified mechanics and specialized tools to perform brake repair on all European models, including:

Know the Signs When Your Vehicle Needs European Brake Rep[air

Even when you have routine maintenance on your European vehicle, issues can arise. Recognizing the early warning signs will save you time and money. As such, make sure to watch out for the following signs your vehicle needs European brake service:

Contact EurAuto Shop in Plano, TX for European Brake Repair & Brake Service 

Whether you need Land Rover brake service, Mercedes brake service, BMW brake service, or any other European brake repair, the team at EurAuto Shop in Plano, TX., is your one-stop shop. We offer a full slate of professional European brake service solutions, including:

We’re proud to have a BMW master Technician, a Porsche certified technician, a Maserati master technician, and a Mclaren factory-trained technician on our team. Because of our dedication to excellence, we stand behind our auto repairs with a best-in-class warranty package:

  • 5-Year/50,000-Mile Warranty on Wear Items
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