Fall Vehicle Maintenance

It’s officially the fall season, and now is a great time to take charge of your vehicle’s fall maintenance. The difference in season comes with weather changes and preparing your vehicle for the rain and chilly weather will help keep you safe on the road over the next few months.

Next month is Fall Car Care Month, which reminds you to make sure your vehicle is inspected and serviced for the new season. Here at some of the most important fall maintenance items to take care of now:

  • Replace your windshield wipers and top off wiper fluid
  • Check the brakes for proper air pressure and tread, which is super important for wet road conditions
  • Make sure all fluids are clean and topped off, and flush any dirty fluids
  • Inspect all belts and hoses
  • Test battery for charge and condition, because the summer tends to wear down your battery faster
  • Check that the heater and defroster systems are working properly
  • Test all lights including headlights, blinkers, and brake lights which are important for the shorter days
  • Have the brake system inspection for good operation
  • Have all safety features tested and inspected including airbags, seat belt, and spare tire
  • Make sure you have an emergency kit packed in your car including a tire changing kit, first aid kit, flashlights, water, blankets, flares, cones, emergency numbers, and more
  • Take care of any underlying issues that may come up during inspection

Taking care of your vehicle now will ensure that your car is reliable throughout the next couple of months up until winter. The rain will most likely fall in the coming weeks, and being prepared will help keep you safe on the road.

If you’re due for fall maintenance, we invite you into EurAuto Shop today for service. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or stop by for assistance!