What can cause my car heater to fail?

Now more than ever we are going to be relying on our car’s heater to keep us nice and cozy on the road. The weather is only getting colder from here, and you’ll turn to your heater to warm up your cabin and defrost your windshield in the mornings. 

Your car’s heating system is actually more important to your vehicle’s operation than you might know. While your heater keeps you comfortable on the road, it is also critical when it comes to your safety. If you aren’t able to defrost your windshield, your view can be obstructed which can risk your safety. 

If you notice that when you turn on your car heater that nothing happens, we invite you into EurAuto Shop for an inspection. There are a couple of different reasons why a car heater can fail, and our professionals can get to the bottom of the issue quickly. 

Here are some of the most common reasons why a car heater may fail: 

  • A coolant leak is a potential culprit when it comes to heater problems. This is because the coolant is actually what helps to transfer heat from the engine to your cabin. Low coolant can lead to severe engine issues, so getting this taken care of quickly is a must. 
  • A blown fuse can also cause problems with your vehicle’s heater. Any electrical problems can affect your car’s ability to produce heat. 
  • A bad heater core is another potential cause of heating problems since this is where the coolant passes through which in turn warms the air before it reaches your cabin. 
  • A faulty water pump can also cause heater issues because it makes it hard for the coolant to flow through the engine properly, which is needed to transfer heat. 
  • A bad thermostat can also cause issues if it isn’t reading the temperature of the coolant accurately.
  • A failing blower motor is usually the reason for a heater problem if no air is blowing out of your vents at all. 

As you can probably tell, most of the reasons behind a car heater that won’t work are related to your vehicle’s cooling system. A cooling system issue can quickly lead to engine overheating and damage, so as soon as you notice that your car’s heater isn’t working, it’s important to get your vehicle into the experts here at EurAuto Shop for an inspection. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or stop by our shop today!