Now, That's How You Lay Pipe in the BMW F80 M3

While the iconic BMW M-Series comes from the factory locked, loaded, and ready to own the streets, there’s nothing wrong with elevating your experience to the next level. If this is you, you’re lucky to have an entire squad of enthusiasts at EurAuto Shop. 

As the best BMW service and repair shop in the Plano, TX area, we live and breathe all things BMW performance mods. EuroAuto Shop owner Michael Gallini recently got his hands on a legendary BMW F80 M3. His enthusiasm is palatable, to say the least.

Watch Michael and the gurus at EurAuto Shop transform the already well-equipped BMW F80 M3 into the beast it was always meant to be. 

Why Are Installing New Charge Pipes in the BMW F80 M3?

Laying Pipe in the BMW F80 M3 | EurAuto Shop in Plano, TX. Image of a white BMW M3 (F80) in the city street.While the M3 F80 comes from the factory locked, stocked, and ready to show off, it can always be better. 

For instance, the OEM J-pipe is plastic, which may be fine for a stock M3. But expect to have failures when you up the boost pressure on a vehicle with components engineered for a specific horsepower. Unless you upgrade the other parts. 

Before you call us for BMW repair (we welcome it!), consider upgrading the F80’s charge pipes. For this performance upgrade, we turn to the legendary Project Gamma. 

Prevent Failures with Project Gamma BMW M3 F80 Charge Pipes and Filters

Project Gamma’s meticulously-crafted intake pipes are superior to the OEM setup in every possible way. 

They are engineered with an ultra-durable, 4-layer, reinforced ply silicone with an oil-resistant lining. These pipes also boast aluminum hose connections that promote fre airflow. This means more horsepower. 

Project Gamma’s intakes are the only turbo intake pipes available today with a massive 3.5-inch interior diameter. It’s built from flexible construction materials, allowing it to take the shape of the radiator support and all curves without compromising diameter. 

If you’re looking for a relatively minor and cost-effective BMW upgrade, you can’t go wrong with Project Gamma’s charge pipes. Here are a few reasons why this upgrade makes dollars and sense:

  • Increases airflow to deliver increased horsepower
  • Decrease your turbo spool time
  • Improves vehicle acceleration
  • Increases throttle response

When you’ve already added boost or intend to do it, upgrading your charge pipes can save you money by avoiding BMW repair. Simply put, it’s a win, win, win, win… you get the drift.

Project Gamma’s Intakes Boast Function and Form

Project Gamma’s charge pipes are designed for exceptional performance. The ultra-durable, 4-layer ply silicone infuses rigidity to the intake’s overall structure. This helps prevent collapse when paired with restrictive filter elements and large turbo applications that deliver extreme boost. 

Project Gamma’s charge pipes are available in various colors (including black, red, blue, neon green, white, yellow, purple, orange, and nardo gray). Depending on the color you choose, Project Gamma’s intake will infuse an undeniable level of flair and head-turning good looks every time you pop your hood to show off the goods.

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