Myths About Audi Repair

Audi A6 4G, C7 2.0 TDI 190 Hp 2016 diesel motor compartment of modern luxury car closeup engine left side view.At EurAuto Shop in Plano TX, we’ve heard just about everything concerning European vehicles — the good, the bad, and the ugly. In general, European vehicles have gotten a bad rap. While every vehicle can have problems, the lack of European mechanics with the tools and expertise to service these vehicles can make it a much more expensive affair.

However, Audis are European vehicles that have gained an especially bad rap. Fortunately, many Audi repair myths are nothing but just that. Let’s take a closer look at, dispel, and clarify some of the top Audi repair myths in Plano TX. And if you need Audi repair in Plano TX, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at EurAuto Shop today!

Audi Repair Myth #1: You Can Void Your Warranty If You Have Maintenance or Repairs Outside of the Dealership

As the driver of any vehicle, you should always be concerned about protecting your warranty. This means having regular factory-recommended Audi service and preventative maintenance items as required. However, one common misconception is that you are required to take your vehicle to the Audi dealership for Audi service and Audi repair. To clarify, you do not! According to the Federal Trade Commission, you do not have to use your Audi dealership for maintenance and Audi repairs to keep your warranty intact. In fact, it’s illegal for a dealership to deny your warranty coverage simply because you have had your preventative maintenance or factory-recommended maintenance performed by someone else.

Because of this law, you can save time and money by bringing your vehicle to EurAuto shop in Plano TX for Audi repair and Audi maintenance. We’re a team of highly skilled and specialized European Audi repair and maintenance specialists who can perform virtually any and every service your vehicle needs. Best of all, we do so with a fraction of the overhead of the dealership, which means lower prices and more savings for you.

Audi Repair Myth #2: Audis Are Unreliable Vehicles

When it comes to the reliability of any vehicle, it largely rests on the owner and how well you have preventative maintenance performed. Because of this, this is largely a myth. However, some Audi vehicles are known to be more prone to certain issues. For instance, Audis with the 2-liter turbos that came out between 2009 – 2016 were notorious for problems. So much so, a settlement was issued to owners of Audis with the 2.0 TFSI engine. Three of the Audi engine repair complaints that seem to stand out include:

  • Timing chain tension guides failure
  • High oil consumption
  • Bad pistons

In either case, the Audi repair experts at EurAuto Shop in Plano TX can help.

Audi Repair Myth #3: The European Dealership Near Plano TX Will Offer a Better Deal on Audi Repair

Nothing about this myth is true. In fact, the Audi dealership near Plano TX is probably the most expensive option for Audi repair and maintenance. Audi dealerships typically upcharge their services simply because Audi is in its name. More so, the quality of the Audi repair or service will always hinge on the mechanic doing the work.

In contrast, an independent Audi repair shop, like EurAuto Shop in Plano TX, offers dealership-quality repairs at a fraction of the price. Because we are a smaller facility, we have an unwavering focus on relationships and delivering an exceptional customer experience every time. You’ll also enjoy unrivaled transparency and the high-touch, personalized service you deserve.

Audi Repair Myth #4: Audis Are Expensive to Repair and Maintain

We’ve all heard stories and instances of European vehicles and Audis being more expensive to maintain and repair than domestic or Japanese vehicles. This myth holds a bit of truth. Specifically, Audi parts can sometimes be more expensive due to the costs associated with importing them. However, the cost of Audi maintenance and Audi repair in Plano TX isn’t much different than a domestic or Japanese vehicle. In either case, the trick to keeping your Audi repair costs low in Plano TX is to stick to your manufacturer-suggested schedule and adhere to your owner’s manual. Doing so will help protect your vehicle and wallet.

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Best of all, we stand behind our work with a best-in-class extended warranty. We offer a lifetime warranty on repair items that do not include consumable parts and a 5-Year, 50,000-mile warranty on those that do! Simply put, we offer dealership-quality Audi repair at a fraction of the price and with an exponentially more impressive warranty.

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