Signs That Your Land Rover Needs Check Engine Light Repair

Land Rover Discovery display at a dealership. Land Rover offers the Discovery in P300 and P360 models.As the owner of a stylish and attractive Land Rover, one thing you never want to see is the dreaded Check Engine Light. However, an illuminated Check Engine Light isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, it may be your wallet-saving grace. Here’s why: your Check Engine Light is your vehicle’s way of letting you know something may be awry. Fortunately, many Land Rover Check Engine Light repairs are fast and cost-effective — when handled promptly.

However, if you fail to promptly have the necessary Land Rover Check Engine Light, you can turn a minor repair into an exponentially more affair. And the experts at EurAuto Shop in Plano TX can help. As the leading European auto repair shop, we offer engine repairpreventative maintenance, and virtually every other repair service your Land Rover will ever need. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top reasons your Land Rover needs Check Engine Light repair.

Land Rover Check Engine Light Repair Reason #1: You Have a Loose Gas Gap

Almost every driver in Plano TX is pleasantly surprised to learn the cause of the Check Engine Light is a gas cap. Considering your Land Rover is a very smart, highly-technical piece of machinery, it comes as no surprise that something as minor as a loose or missing gas cap could cause your Check Engine Light to trigger.

If your gas cap is loose, missing, or broken, it can reduce fuel pressure and allow fuel vapors to escape. Your Land Rover will notice this reduction in pressure and initiate the indicator. If you choose to ignore the warning, it can lead to increased emissions and reduced fuel economy.

Land Rover Check Engine Light Repair Reason #2: You Have a Bad Catalytic Converter

Your catalytic converter is an integral component of your vehicle. As a part of the emissions system, the catalytic converter transforms toxic carbon monoxide into something less harmful. However, over time, your catalytic converter can clog with debris, especially on higher mileage Land Rovers. When this occurs, it will trigger the Check Engine Light in Plano TX and negatively impact your performance. Some of the top causes of a failed catalytic converter in Plano TX are:

  • Bad spark plugs
  • Defective fuel injector
  • Improper fuel-air mixture
  • Bad timing
  • Faulty check valve

Land Rover Check Engine Light Repair Reason #3: You Have Bad Spark Plugs

Replacing your spark plugs and/or spark plug wires is a standard part of preventative maintenance. In other words, you will need to replace these components eventually. Through normal operation, spark plugs create hot sparks that ignite your fuel-air mixture, which allows your engine to start and operate. However, if your spark plugs or spark plug wires are faulty in Plano TX, it can cause your engine to misfire and negatively impact your performance. It can also reduce fuel economy and even prevent your Land Rover from running altogether.

Land Rover Check Engine Light Repair Reason #4: You Have a Faulty Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor in your Land Rover is tasked with delivering the right air-fuel mixture information to your ECU. In the process, this key component endures extended exposure to hot gases, which can lead to wear and tear. As such, you may need to replace your oxygen sensor over time.

If you operate a vehicle with a faulty oxygen sensor, it can cause your ECU to supply your engine with too little or too much fuel, which can cause total engine failure. Fortunately, your vehicle will usually let you know by alerting you of the need for Land Rover Check Engine Light repair.

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