Volkswagen Problems In Plano, TX: When a Vague Creaking Noise Strikes

Whether your Volkswagen has a burbling 2.0T, rumbly VR6, or even a low-key 2.0L, you undoubtedly love to turn down the radio and listen to its sweet exhaust notes. As you do that, you might pick up on other not-so-nice noises, like a vague creaking sound seemingly coming from all directions. At that point, you’re stuck having to figure out what’s gone wrong so that you can restore your beloved VW to its former glory. Sound familiar? If so, you’ll want to check this out.

First Stop: Suspension

When you hear creaking noises coming from your Volkswagen, the suspension likely comes to mind first. After all, bushings make a rather unpleasant squeaking noise as they wear out, so it makes sense.

You might change the struts and springs with that idea in mind, especially if your ride quality seems somewhat lacking lately. Or you might go for the control arms, sway bar links, and the like in hopes that replacing those parts clears up the problem.

Unfortunately, the list doesn’t end there, so you could end up paying a lot of money on the parts to no avail. And in the end, you’ll still have a creaky VW to show for your efforts.

Skip the Parts Cannon

When it comes to creaks, rattles, and other obnoxious noises, the parts cannon rarely solves the issue before your bank account starts hollering for mercy. It’s often better to get the problem professionally diagnosed so you know just what level of repairs your VW needs.

We recently repaired the Volkswagen Golf and found the creaks were coming from the worn-out motor mounts. It put a load on the mounts as the car moved, causing their rubbery innards to creak under pressure.

By gently rolling the car back and forth while perking up our ears, we could pinpoint the source of the noise and figure out the fix, no money required. Yep, you heard that right. Our diagnostic services came at no charge for this problem since it didn’t take long to figure out.

Replace the Tired Motor Mounts

With the diagnostic process out of the way, all that’s left to do is replace the tired motor mounts. For skilled auto techs, this process is pretty straightforward, but it does require that they adequately support the engine while removing and replacing the mounts.

With the right tools on hand, they can get this Volkswagen repair job done relatively quickly, so you can get back to cruising around town. You can then turn down the music once again and listen to its sweet exhaust notes without the creaking getting in the way.

Need European Auto Repair in Plano, TX?

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