Replacing Bad Engine Mounts at EurAuto Shop in Plano Tx. image of owner Michael Gallini holding a bad motor mount that they replaced on a bmw

Replacing Bad Engine Mounts

If you start noticing an unfamiliar vibration when you’re at a red light, it could mean an engine mount is going bad. This isn’t something to panic about, but at the[…]

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Repairing BMW Valve Cover Oil Leaks at EurAuto Shop in Plano Tx, image of red bmw with hood open inside bay of shop

Repairing BMW Valve Cover Oil Leaks

Does your BMW have a burning smell when you’re sitting in traffic? Have you noticed oil spots in your garage or driveway? You may have a leaking valve cover gasket.The valve cover is a part that[…]

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Skeleton waving outside of the window as he is on his way to EurAutoShop for Vehicle Maintenance

Fall Vehicle Maintenance

It’s officially the fall season, and now is a great time to take charge of your vehicle’s fall maintenance. The difference in season comes with

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